Who are we?

A community

We are a group of people who seek to transform learning, connection, and growth. As we navigate this period of exponential change, we believe that ideas and partnerships will be vital.

We want innovation

With new frameworks of work, we aim to increase resilience, responsiveness, and the ability to create positive changes.

Change leaders

We are leaders who go beyond frameworks like SAFe or Scrum. We embrace a holistic approach to agility, resilience, and shared progress, supported by the science of accelerated change.

Our purpose

In times of uncertainty, adaptability and community matter more than ever. That's why, this year, the EA World Conference 2023 is 100% free for all attendees.

Thanks to the generosity and social responsibility of Enterprise Agility University and the EA World Community, we are removing all financial barriers to make this event accessible to everyone.

Come to two transformative days of learning, connection, and growth. Go beyond what you already know.

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